How to Apply


Before Use

Carefully read the instruction leaflet within the DEFINE IT Barber Colour kit


No mixing or washing required, just an easy brush on technique.

Step 1

Add a few drops of DEFINE IT Barber Colour into the bowl provided. With a simple dab, apply colour to the tip of the brush provided. Lightly brush in colour along the edge of the existing beard or hairline.

Step 2

Using the brush, blend in DEFINE IT Barber Colour into the beard and hairline until a natural contrast is achieved. For a fuller looking beard, apply a small amount of colour to the beard with the applicator brush and blend in until a fuller natural look is achieved as illustrated in diagram

Step 3

 For a stronger and sharper definition, use a clean straight razor to edge the beard and hairline.

Step 4
To lock in Colour and add shine, hold DEFINE IT Prep Spray bottle about 30 cm away from face and lightly spray the beard and hairline.